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The future of Digital Marketing is an amazing thing that is going to happen in near future. Digital marketing is one of the most regularly changing fields. You can be swapped away easily from the competition if you are not aware of the latest trends. So, it’s imperative to always keep on top of the trends. Similarly, digital marketing trends have been changing very frequently these days.

This article is written clearly for you to become aware, and understand, the changes and trends that are unfolding in 2020. It is not only a good practice but also benefits clients and your business.

There are various digital marketing trends but among them, AI is going to replace and dominate many of them.

I’m going to explain the future of Digital Marketing. Be continuous till the end to find out the future of digital marketing. From banners to big data, digital marketing has continuously adapted to meet the needs of customers and brands alike.

1. Artificial Inteligence(AI)


AI is becoming one of the most centralized topics in the context of digital marketing. In making data decisions AI is reducing a lot of human efforts.

Technology is still in infant position. For instance, auto driven cars are being introduced these days.

AI is quickly becoming dominant in the business industry. Already it is taking over many simple jobs and it will continue to in the near future.

Chatbots, content creation, face recognition, and other many more AI technologies are being introduced.

AI can easily make analytics, purchasing processes, and security processes much easier than before. In the coming future, AI can make marketing strategy much more convenient.

2. Vlogging

Every business must include video blog as a content.

Vlogging has become most popular these days because it is direct and creates a huge impact on customers. Video can easily persuade the customers on making buying decisions.



Vlog is one of the most practical marketing strategies for a business. If we go live-stream and create different events regarding your business then eventually, it helps to increase business.

By doing this it can increase personal Brand, customer relationship and brand awareness of your business.

3. Personalisation

It is one of the hardest task ever in a business. Many businesses have not taken the advantage of this.

Researchers feel that personalized content has built a deeper relationship with a brand, there is a great understanding between the company the customers.

Customers are highly demanding a more tailored service that more appropriately meets their needs, and are becoming more willing to share personal data to support this. Likewise, technology has increased the way of marketing

According to the CEO, and founder of Emagine Dave Peters, “The aim of personalization is to foster a better customer relationship that is rooted in value and relevance for the individual; marketing to one, not many.

It’s about understanding a customer’s needs and preferences and connecting with them in a manner that suits them in order to extract maximum customer value and protect the relationship. This is also the future of Digital Marketing.

“Personalisation helps create brand loyalty, having a good online personalization strategy can be key in a consumer’s shopping experience and customer retantionability.

4. Voice Search

While voice search has been used since 9 years ago. The need for voice search has been increasing day by day. Many citizens of different countries are using voice search.

(According to ComScore) 50% of the search will be on voice search, even customers tend to use voice search in the coming future.

You’ve probably heard of Alexa and  Google Assistant. AI is becoming famous day by day and AI-driven personal assistant is quite personal and stays connected in their day to day life. The market for this device is going to become double that this year.

Similarly, the users of these devices can be highly updated on new AI technology at the business, personal, and professional levels.

In the case of voice technology, every marketer should identify the consumer’s voice search terms. In the case of SEO, we analyze the keywords that users search on Google but for voice technology marketers analyze the e keyword that users search.

5. Marketing Automation Is Also The Future Of Digital Marketing.

Talking about marketing automation, it has totally reduced the hard labour inorder to generate results in a business.

Likewise, we humans easily become bored from doing the same task repeatedly. With the help of marketing automation, it helps to generate leads, new clients because of its ability to do marketing on different channels.

It is also considered as future of digital marketing.

Most of the business has already adopted marketing automation techniques. So, we must be aware of AI. It is necessary to predict the future of digital marketing in order to compete in this market.

6.Google’s Gallery Ads

Images are called VITAL things in marketing. Being visual creatures, we easily get huge attention to images.

Google gallery ads
Google gallery ads

Google has launched gallery ads in 2020. These gallery ads are equivalent to Facebook carousel ads. Carousel ads are those types of ads which is the collection of images. Whenever any customer/buyers search about your services/products then the images are displayed 5-8 times. The time has changed tremendously.

If your business relies on visually compelling images then it is very good news for you and your business.

7. Influencer Marketing

Do you know who is an influencer? They are the person with huge PR and fan followings. These days, many business owners are using influencers to market their business.

But to remember one thing is using wrong influencers can damage your business. For instance, if you are using fitness influncers on automation industry then it is totally waste.

I want to talk about GARY VEE who is a great social media influncers on various channels like facebook, twitter, linkiden, snapchat and many more.

Why im talking about him is being a social media influencer he has established VEnyermedia. Because he is an authenctic guy for social media agency. So,choose perfect and niche oriented influencers to market your business.


1.Interactive Email Marketing

2. Paid and organic search

3. Social channels like facebook, instagram, Linkedin

From this article, we can know the future of digital marketing. But it is must necessary thing to become updated in each and every trend. So, any business leader doesn’t move out of track.

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