Top 10 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog.

Top 10 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog in 2020.

There are top 10 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog which is discussed below. Before discussing it, do you have an internet connection? If yes, then there is no doubt about starting a blog of your own. There are lots of people in this world writing a blog post. However, if you are passionate about writing something creative, funny, interesting, informational content for your users then ultimately your blog starts getting valued.

Before starting blogging you must ultimately know the fact that it needs really hard work to accomplish. Many people think that it is an easy task. To grow a successful blog, writing one or two blog posts, and sharing it on various channels doesn’t give you a result. Serious bloggers put a lot of time, effort, money to get massive results. The blog post I’m writing is for the new starters, those who are thinking of taking blog posts seriously as a career.

If you are reading this blog post and you are a beginner then this post can help you to start your awesome blogging journey. Many bloggers think of starting a blogging journey but they struggle for writing an even a single blog post and finally quit it.

In this world, there are many successful bloggers, started from scratch with Zero views. Eventually, they grew up and became quite an expert in Digital Marketing. No one can become successful overnight and its a fact. To start a blog we do not require a lot of money as well, only 100$ is enough for it.

List of Top 10 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog.

1- Choose your Domain name properly.

As we know that domain plays a huge role in creating a blogging career successful. Likewise, we must target our audience whether you are targeting a specific country or the whole world. Similarly, you can see my domain name Https:// I’m targeting the whole world audience. We can be limited to the specific domain like .in, .uk, and .us.

Eventually, your blog gets flourished, if you choose your domain properly.

2- Clear Your why?

Clear Your why?

Before writing anything on your blog think once, why are you going to start a blog? We must be crystal clear about writing any particular topic content before starting a successful blog.

Once you’ve identified why you want to write a blog, its time to find out about which topic you are going to write. Do you want to write about technology, cooking, travel blogs, or any other topics? Your intention can be sharing your personal thoughts, an experience that you want to share with other people.

3-Find a perfect Niche for Starting a Successful Blog.

Before finding any topic to write on your blog, find a perfect niche. Finding a niche means the topic area you are going to cover. I’m writing this blog about digital marketing and blogging is a part of it. So my niche is Digital Marketing. However, to get success in the blogging career, we must find out perfect a highly demanded niche. For instance, if you have found the Tech niche, but competition is a lot in the market. So, to tackle the competition, we must totally be different from others and provide new tastes to your readers.

4-Provide Value to your readers.

provide Value to your readers.

This is also one of the key things for growing your blog successfully. The post you are going must be knowledgable and filled with lots of valuable content. Likewise, the post you write should be authentic and relevant according to your niche. By doing this, users feel the writer is proving great value for us.

5- Deliver a high Quality-Content than quantity.

Many writers get attention on the quality content rather than content only with a quantity. We must do a lot of research in order to raise the standard of content. Similarly, publishing a few high-quality content than the low standard one. The more the quality content, the more visitors come to your site.

I usually, write a few articles taking a lot of time because it helps me deliver a valuable one and take deep research on it.

6- Use More Images

Most people love images. Some of the famous blogs on this planet use a lot of pictures.

There is no doubt that firstly people scan on your website images and photographs. Similarly, the more the images, the visitors feel comfortable and joyful while reading your post. Human beings capture images rather than a bunch of texts on a blog. Only a bunch of text distracts the user experience of reading. This is also a tip for Starting a Successful Blog.

 7- Make It Worth Sharing for Successful Blog

Creating content requires a lot of effort and time. It is obvious to create a blog post as a hobby, but if you are thinking to take it seriously, use high-quality content and lots of catchy images. Whenever you are going to share any content. Firstly, we must analyze is your content is of high quality and worth sharing in social media and many other platforms.

Readers do not share u valuable post because that does not help others to get some valuable information.

8- Get Social

Get Social

Sharing your post on social media can increase your little number of followers. There may be many readers, those who get attracted to your blog.

As your followers grow up, try to create the list of your audience’s interests. Try to focus on specific platforms rather than focusing on all the platforms all at once. Many people get attention to your blog if you share on social media and analyze your audience.

9- MakeSEO optimised for growing your blog.

Make SEO optimised for growing your blog.

Seo plays a great role in getting your blog getting ranked. The higher your ranking, the better result is achieved. Rankings are improved by tagging your posts with specific keywords. Search Engine Optimization and it’s basically the practice of getting your website and website pages to rank highly on a search engine index.

SEO is an effective way to rank your post higher, but ranking higher only does not mean your blog will grow. Google algorithms change a lot, so, we must highly focus on trending keywords and other factors like:

  1. Image alt
  2. Meta Description
  3. Content-Length and quality
  4. Keyphrase length
  5. Internal and External Link

To grow your blog successfully Yoast plugin plays a vital role.

10- Start Networking with Other Bloggers

We generally grow our audience by sharing your blog post with other friends. Generally, it can be a sophisticated task. There are lots of bloggers, whom you know. Try to reach them and build a good relationship with them and do guest posting.

When creating a great network with other bloggers make sure you write quality content. Read their blog post regularly, comment on their post, and interact well with other commenters. After that, you can reach them by emailing them which can establish a great relationship with them.

By doing a guest post on others blog can ultimately increase your readers and increase your brand value.

Therefore, these are the top 10 Tips for Starting a Successful Blog. So, what are you waiting for? Just take notes and start writing.

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